The Windows 95 startup sound

As I am unaware of the freshly installed Windows 95 on my laptop. I clicked a few sounds in the Control Panel, I remembered the first time the right button "Details". Since the only sound was incorporated at this stage, the sound was the startup Sound of Windows, I was so contrary to the following information:

Windows 95

Artist? The part has an composer? At first I thought that Brian Eno was some bored Microsoft employees, and proved once again that I had no clue about music. Brian Eno´s size on its territory, and has worked with U2 and David Bowie once ...

So and now comes as such a man to the Windows 95 startup sound to create? This was also the San Francisco Chronicle asked, and it came out:

Brian Eno was in a creative phase in the loose but his own music he could mess around, but it would have nothing. Say he was waiting for someone who would come: We have a very specific problem, solve it! Then came the order from Microsoft to create a piece of music that is inspiring, universal, blah- blah, da-da-da, optimistic, futuristic, sentimental, emotional, and at the end of this very long list of adjectives was: And it must be 3 1 / 4 seconds.

Brian Eno thought it would be fun and a fascinating idea to try such a small piece of music making. It would be like a little jewel to create.

He made no less than 84 (!!!) samples. Brian Eno is completely immersed in this world of very tiny pieces of music, as he later returned to normal track of 3 minutes before it was like a sea of endless time.

Incidentally, it was a unique venture, with Win 98, there was no Brian Eno bit more.

Microsoft, incidentally, was the action worth 35,000 euros.

Brian Eno later noticed in a 2011 BBC Radio interview that he worked on a Mac, and never had owned a PC.


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